The Inevitable Typo

Over the last few days or so I have been going back through many of my older posts and making slight revisions here and there. In some cases, I have rewritten an entire paragraph … or two. It’s a distressing thought because as careful as I try to be when I’m writing, typos inevitably turn up in my finished work.

There is something intensely humiliating about typos. I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way. Even when I edit my work I frequently miss typos, which only become glaringly obvious after I have published and shared it with others. Occasionally, people (mostly my husband) point out these errors to me and I correct them as quickly as I can but even outside scrutiny isn’t enough. Plenty of my past posts have grammatical issues and a few seriously incomplete or muddled sentences.

Of course, I cannot expect other people to be my editors. I mean, I’m not exactly compensating anyone for it. So, I’ve come to a solution, one which I have often considered but never implemented until now. In the past, I have published new posts very soon after completing them but I am much too careless and insensible to my mistakes when I’m eager to share what I have been working on. Instead of publishing immediately and risking errors, I’m going to hold onto new posts for a day so that I can read through them with a fresh, critical eye and make any necessary corrections.

It won’t be easy because I get very excited when I finish a post but it’s about time I put some of the skills I have learned in school to the betterment of my writing on here.


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