The room in which I found myself was of concrete,
with a single window and a single door.
From the window I could see the land stretch out indefinitely
before and far below me,
for the room was one of many within an extensive structure.
Like the building, the land was gray like concrete
and just as cold;
anything that had once grow there
had long since been rejected by the soil
and now stood lifeless, ragged, and decrepit
or lulled unmoved by winds upon the ground.

By the door stood a figure of curious configuration.
The light behind it obscured all
but a foreboding silhouette against the aperture.
At intermittent intervals it shook its entire frame,
much like a bird does when bathing,
but as I approached it to see what this being was
(and to inquire what cause had brought it here)
I saw it for what it was.
It had not feathers but rotten, diseased flesh!
It shook again, causing its skin to slide across its skeleton,
appearing as though it had intentions of removing its skin!

Then, lo!, it ceased in mid seizure and,
with one frail and decrepit arm outstretched,
pointed to a door lit by some unseen source.
The door was broken and charred by fire,
beyond which was nothing more than a closet
with a rod spanning its width …
but hanging there like suits were human skins,
fragile and wore away to threads over many years of neglect.
They hung there like testaments to some cruel
and morbid fashion.

As I examined these decaying suits
a sudden realization came to my mind;
my flesh, too, was rotten and riddled with sickly sores.
Our bodies were, actually, mirrored in the other
and as I came closer to it, it moved to mimic me
in exact unison to my steps.
When we met we sought to destroy the other
but being so much alike we broke our own bones
when we broke the other;
when I thrust its skull against the wall
my skull shattered
and when its boney fingers punctured my skin
I did the same to it.

There was no pain but I felt everything incurred
upon our bodies,
altogether and all at once.
No difference could therefore be made between us
and I—I felt and noticed everything!


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