Looking Back on Lene Lovich

c4557dc6000949c04dca98aaA lot of people my age will likely remember MySpace. After All, it wasn’t that long ago that it dominated the social world of the internet. Despite this, however, it does rather feel like a distant memory–much in the same way that Blogspot does. Apart from using MySpace to keep up with old, and meet new, friends it, was a great way to discover music, legally and otherwise.

Most of the bands I followed on MySpace were old and were represented by fan operated pages. It wasn’t exactly legal but it was tolerated. I’m grateful it was because I might not have discovered Lene Lovich without it.

I vaguely recall listened to Lucky Number, Bird Song, What Will I Do Without You, and Sleeping Beauty and enjoying them all very much. For some reason i never sought out her music and was under the odd impression that Lovich had little else besides these few songs. In the summer of 2014, I suddenly recalled her music and wanted to revisit it; much to my delight, I found much to love about Lovich’s quirky new-wave music.

The initial fame she earned in the early 80’s quickly faded and I’m sorry it had because her music represents some of the most imaginative material from the new-wave genre.

In total she has done five albums. Of these I tend to like Flex and March the most. The material on these albums best represent her purposefully distorted vocalisations and unusual instrumentation. Like most of her songs, they are part whimsy and part goth, personal and abstract, sentimental and light.

When I think about all the years I wasn’t listening to music, I can’t help feeling as thought I have missed out on something. FOrtunately, when I rediscovered Lene Lovich late last year, I was able to regain a lot of lost time and made a special place within my personal music library for her lovely albums. Such was my excitement that I not only bought most of her albums on CD but also a few on vinyl as well.

Apart from the new and used copies of her various albums, most are still available, with the singular exceptions of No Man’s Land. However, all of her albums are available in digital format, both on amazon and a few on BandCamp.

In the words of ABBA, thank you for all the music!


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